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If you’re locked out of your home and looking for a fast and affordable residential locksmith within the Winder, GA area to unlock the door for you, just give Locksmith Winder a call at 470-499-2785.

When you are looking for a residential locksmith who can rekey your door locks, the most important thing is to find a reliable locksmith. By that we mean a locksmith that won’t try to scam you, because many locksmith outfits operates under shady entities with zero licensing, liability or certifications. Are they really locksmiths? You’ll be the judge of that. Just ask yourself the following questions. Will you let someone like this gain access to your property? Will you trust him or her with a copy of your house key?

Ask for Credentials

Always ask to see the locksmith business license, sales tax license and any other legal documents you might consider significant prior to hiring a technician. A simple lock change project may cost you either $100 or close to $1,000 with an un-licensed scammer who hides himself behind a false entity.

Affordable Options

Locksmith Winder offer low cost locksmith services for exit devices installation, repair or replacement, door unlocking services, locks rekeying services, door hardware repair, and much more. Some of door hardware repair services include the door closer, pivots, hinges, grade 1 and 2 locks, keyless entry, key pad, and electric strike. For small office furniture and file cabinets we offer keys by code, emergency unlocking and much more.


If you’re looking for a locksmith to rekey your new home locks or need to change the locks on a door due to a tenant that just moved in (or out), give us a call and we will be able to assist you right away. For apartment complexes and office buildings, contact us with questions about your existing or new master key system if you are considering implementing one soon.

Locksmith Winder has emergency services with 24/7 availablity. So if you or someone you know is locked out of home, office or even a bedroom door, please give us a call anytime. Do not hesitate. Our phone number is 470-499-2785.

Call: 470-499-2785