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There are so many types of car keys in today’s market that it is almost impossible to have all the equipment and keys inventory. This is why an automotive locksmith is no longer just another locksmith. An automotive locksmith, like at Locksmith Winder, is actually a car keys specialist.

Service Keys

Service keys are keys that will operate the car but have no chip in them. These keys can have a plastic head or be made of metal only. Although, this is a very cheap key, sometimes lost keys can cost more than transponder keys. Service keys are in use mainly for older cars or for test keys before cutting the transponder keys. With older cars, VIN information is not always available. Without the key code available we may need to charge a bit extra for labor.

Transponder Key

Transponder keys are keys that contains a small chip that communicate with the car. There is an antenna around the ignition switch that sends the signal from the key to the car ECU. In most cars, the wrong key will crank the car but will not start it. With some Chrysler models, the car will fire up for few seconds than the ECU will kill the fuel pump.

Nissan Intelligent Key

The Intelligent Key is a proximity key used by Nissan and Infiniti. It has all the proximity features but Toyota got the Smart Key, so Nissan went with the Intelli-Key. Other than that they hold the same basic functions.


This is an old version of the transponder keys. The service keys in this category are used to determinate the right VAT value of the car. Each car that is equipped with this system is basically a pre-program key that will start the vehicle. To find out the right VAT Value we are cutting a test key and trying to start the car each time with a separate VAT value. This system was in use by GM, Cadillac, Chevy and many other GM models between the late 80′s to the late 90′s. This system is no longer in use and has been replaced with PK3 keys and Circle+ technology, which is a transponder key system.

HI Security (Laser) Key

Lexus, Mazda, Volvo, Toyota, Honda, VW and Audi started this trend and in the past few years even Ford and GM adopted this technology. HI Security keys (often called Sidewinder keys or laser keys) are in use and beside the funny looking keys they are just regular transponder keys.

Chrysler FOBIK Keys

Chrysler fob keys are in use in the past few years. The fob keys operate similar to a transponder key with one bad issue. Due to design the chip is now soldered to the main board. If you drop your fob you may cause it to stop working and have to buy a new one. There are some after market solutions to solve that problem.

Ford PATS Key

Passive Anti-Theft System, owned by Ford and in use in many Ford (and some Mazda) vehicles. The PATS system has 3 generations, which are PATS1, PATS2 and PATS3. Ford also uses a PCM or HEC system to program transponder keys. In 2011, Ford changed their encryption system and now supports 80bit encryption for the new transponder keys. If your key stopped working and all you see now is the fast red blinking theft light, try to jump start the car before calling Locksmith Winder.

Proximity Keys (Toyota SMART Keys)

Toyota & Lexus are using that technology with the Smart Key system. It is a smart fob that will operate the car without actually using the key to start it. Corvette is also using the smart fobs and many other high end cars. These fobs are bit more expensive to buy than regular transponder keys, so do not lose them!

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