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Most people only think of a Winder, GA locksmith when they have been locked out of their house or car. However, professional locksmiths nowadays address a number of security issues from tips regarding commercial security measures to evaluation and improvement of residential locks. Whenever you have a security concern, Locksmith Winder will be there to evaluate your lock and door mechanisms and to determine if you could do better.

Locksmith Winder is available for lock and key property inspections. We can also suggest the best security options for you, along with tips relative to home and commercial safety. We are available 24/7 at 470-499-2785, so you can call us anytime. The following suggestions below are offered to help you with locksmith issues.

Lock and Key Maintenance

Be extremely aware of lock and key maintenance. This means you look for signs of wear and tear on the locking mechanism. For example, if your locking device is much more difficult to operate than it once was or you notice rust on it, take it upon yourself to use light oil on it or a lubricant locatable at your local hardware retailer. Also, if your key is difficult to turn or appears bent, it is best in this circumstance to have it fully replaced. The latter situation can be accomplished by making a call to Locksmith Winder.

Avoiding Lockouts

A good rule is to never leave your home without assuring your home’s key is in your pocket or a place where you always keep it when departing your property. This includes lesser type activities, such as simply running out to your home’s mailbox, not just errands where you are getting into your vehicle and leaving the property. Also, keep your home key handy or securely in a pocket when conducting domestic activities, such as cutting your lawn or pruning your shrubs. It is best to always be safe, since predators keep an eye on persons they believe are vulnerable.

Give your spare house keys to trusted members of your household or very well-trusted friends or family members. This is a better idea than hiding your keys at strategic spots around and outside your residence. Keep in mind that most would-be thieves nowadays know the human mind well-enough to know to look for keys in traditional hiding places.

Do not use the garage door opener as the only way to gain entry into your residence. Getting into this habit is a bad one. For example, if you are accidentally locked out of your home and there is no electrical power, your garage door will not operate. Always have more than one mode or option in order to gain entry into your home. Use an alternative option as the primary way which you gain entrance to your house in opposition to gaining entry through the garage all of the time.

Deadbolt Locks

Make use of deadbolt locks on all entry doors to your property. It is important to recognize that the deadbolt lock is not designed to automatically lock. Thus, this will greatly reduce the possibility of your getting locked out of your house if you only use the deadbolt. Also, the deadbolt lock is a much more secure locking device than that of the doorknob lock and may reduce your insurance premium. This is especially true when paired with other home security features, such as a house alarm and locking devices on your windows and other doors.

Basic Home Security

Do not give out your home keys to domestic service persons, residential contractors, landscapers, and cleaning personnel. The persons mentioned would have no trouble whatsoever making copies of the key which you provide to them. Their having copies of your house key greatly imperils the safety of your household, even possibly decades later!

It is never too wise to become too comfortable about the security of your home. Keep the advice in mind each time you enter or leave your home, or are considering giving your key to other members outside your household. The professionals at Locksmith Winder are available for any security issues relative to lock and key mechanisms which you need formally addressed. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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